ADS understands today’s complicated medical field. We are the company that other distributors strive to emulate. Our broad spectrum of innovative diagnostic products and services, combined with aggressive pricing and unmatched customer service make us a leader in the industry.

Our goal is to raise the standard of care by combining a strong commitment to the practice of evidence based medicine with cutting-edge research and feedback from our clinical users to deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information.

Our years of experience allows us to provide physician and hospital clientele with the highest quality products to increase patient care, stress preventive medicine, and build strategies for long term financial success.


ANS1 and sweatc systems

The ANS1 system provides practices with an effective tool for data management of the autonomic nervous system...

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TM-Flow and LEDA systems

The TM-Flow system is a Medical Device Data System which integrates the data of photoplethysmography analysis, sudomotor tests...

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eVox system

The eVox system is a cutting edge hardware and software system that allows for an objective and functional measurement of the brain...

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iVNG Balance Back System

The Balanceback system was developed for the diagnosis, treatment and management of balance disorders, which is one of the most common complaints in ambulatory care...

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Avery Langbaum

With over 3 decades of experience in diagnostic equipment and knowledge of ECP therapies for heart patients, Mr. Langbaum has helped many companies receive Medicare approval and CPT codes. Avery started this company after seeing other companies offer top-of-the-line products but with poor customer treatment. His dream is to provid, not only the best equipment, but tied to THE BEST possible personal service.


 Jim Morelli

Co-founder of ADS with over 30 years of medical sales experience, Jim’s medical career began as a regional sales manager for Squibb pharmaceuticals, winning Presidents Club his first year. Jim was the national sales manger for Ivy Biomedical, a manufacturer of multiparameter patient monitors, responsible for sales and new product development.  

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